10 Web3 Terms For Beginners And What They Mean.

2 min readFeb 5, 2022
WEB3.0 Lingo image by NORITSU KOKI, EZ Controller

Navigating the web3 space can be tough, especially when you’re not familiar with the lingo being used here.



1. PFP — Picture for proof or Profile pic. PFP was popularized on Tik tok and spread across several other social media platforms.
Many use it to refer to whatever someone has set as their icon on the app.

2.) Doxx — Originally used in traditional English language. Means to publicly disclose the identity, address, or other personal details of someone or the team behind a project, especially as a form of online harassment.
Some teams offer to be doxxed by independent verifiers in order to increase the credibility of their project.

3.) Shill — To Announce and aggressively promote an NFT, coin, token or project to increase adoption or/and value.

4.) Vaporware — A product or project that is announced and “shilled” without any sign of implementation.
Vaporware projects have a happy beginning but keep declining in value until they fizzle out.

5.) Gm — short form for “good morning” commonly used in crypto/Web 3 communities.

6.)Ape — To ape means to take exposure or invest massively into a NFT, coin or project.
Usually as a result of hype or fomo.

7.)HFSP- Have fun staying poor.
Used to spite at folks who don’t believe in an NFT, coin or asset.
E.g — Those who don’t Ape into Crypto kitties can HFSP.

8.)Degen — “degenerate,” is typically used to describe a gambler who gambles too much.

In the Web3 /Crypto circle it’s been construed as being willing to take the massive risk on a project or nft with expectation of massive returns in the nearest future

9.)LFG -” Let’s F*cking Go”
Used to show motivation to take an action or ape in on a project.

10.) WAGMI — “We’re all gonna make it”
Used to show high optimism or conviction about the future.

BONUS : IRL — In Real Life -
Used to describe worlds beyond the virtual worlds of decentraland, opensea e.t c

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